Eve teasing



Originally published on Hollaback.

Eve teasing is something that is always glorified in movies andaccepted as funny even by women folk to watch on screen. From theyesteryear movies where MGR would tease Saroja Devi and she wouldbehave like a damsel in distress unable to deal with it, buteventually fall madly in love with him, to a modern day Bala movie“Avan Ivan” where Arya teases Nivedita crudely and still she falls inlove with him, this has been the accepted scenario by every one.

Why talk about today’s talkies, you might say, this was the case evenbetween Murugan and Valli. Drama was added to the love lore of Muruganand Valli when Murugan as an old man teased Valli and eventuallybecame Her consort.

This some how gives the impression to the young and many times the oldmen that women can be teased and…

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